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CharlieCraft Survival Minecraft Server.

by ntall1 at 9:45 AM
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Towny Ranks Update

I have made some updates to the ranks mayors can give their town members to better handle who can do what.

Available Ranks
  • Command: /town rank add playername rankname
    • Trusted: (Only give this to ppl you really trust)
      • Can claim land for your town.
      • Can unclaim land for your town.
      • Can make edits to anywhere in the town.
      • Can set and manage plot types.
      • Can toggle town toggleables (public, mobs, fire, etc, etc.).
      • Can add players to the town.
    • Assistant: (These players can help expand and set up your town.)
      • Can claim land for your town.
      • Can add players to your town.
      • Can set and manage plot types.
    • Helper: (Can only help expand the town.)
      • Can claim land for your town.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the ranks please provide feedback in this thread.

by ntall1 at 9:24 AM
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CharlieCraft is now updated to 1.5.2

If you updated early and were not able to log into the server you can now log in with your 1.5.2 clients.
by ntall1 at 12:38 PM
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Server Issues 4/26
The data center has confirmed that it should be resolved now. Please let us know if that is the case.

We are aware of the issues on the server currently, and are working hard to fix what is causing the problem. The issue is on the hosting companies end, and has me at their mercy for the time being. I am in contact with them throughout this process, and they are working hard to sort out these issues.

We will try to keep the server up as much as possible while these issues are being solved, but if you choose to play please understand that during this time you may experience lag, server restarts, and other issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
by ntall1 at 9:08 AM
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Small Update 4/4/13

  • Players that were having issues with McMMo not leveling up should now be fixed. (In theory)
Bug Fixes:
  • Players using boats when reaching the border of the map should no longer get stuck and require admin assistance. (In theory)
  • Anti-Cheat system was updated. So please report any new weird bugs you find asap so we can fix them if they exist.
1.5 Map:
  • Nether and End portals in the 1.5 map should now properly link up to the nether and end worlds.
  • Teleporting to a public town other than your own will now only cost c1. (It used to cost c5)
by ntall1 at 8:08 PM
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Diamond Supporter Contest.
(Winners Announced!)

Bushboy1976 has purchased a Diamond Supporter pack for one lucky member. Thank you Bushboy1976!

You will remember Nick's contest where he was going to award someone with some supporter packs. Well that never happened so Bushboy has decided that someone should win something so he has already purchased the supporter pack and all that needs to be done is to give it out.

If you think you deserve to win please tell us why, or you can simply nominate another player and also tell us why they deserve to win.
  • Possible reasons you might think you deserve to win:
    • I am really helpful inside the CharlieCraft Community
    • I am the best builder on the server!
    • I am always nice to everyone!
    • I have more exp than anyone else ever!
    • I am the best fisherman on the server!
    • I have eaten even more beans than ntall1!
Those are just a few examples of why someone might feel they totally deserve to win.

Award goes out Wednesday the 27th! So please enter if you wish to win.