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CharlieCraft Survival Minecraft Server.

by ntall1 at 1:27 AM
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Over the last 2 weeks the server has been having some mystery lag issues. I have spent lots of time investigating the cause and just cant seem to find any one thing that is causing it. So the next step is to start temporarily disabling some plugins to see if they might be the cause.

For the next 48 hours at least.. McMMo will be disabled. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
by ntall1 at 8:33 AM
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1.6 Update Info

So the 1.6 update says that it will be coming out on the 1rst. Normally I would say do not update your clients until I make the post saying that it is ok, but this time to play 1.6 you will actually have to download a new MC launcher from mojang.com.

The new MC launcher will actually allow you to log into 1.5.2 servers as well as 1.6 servers. So you can actually download and use this new launcher right now!

As always I will update the server to 1.6 as soon a humanly possible. We are a bukkit server, so we cant actually update until bukkit releases at least a dev build of the 1.6 bukkit. Usually takes a day or two after release. So please be patient. We are usually among the first public servers to update.
by ntall1 at 8:37 AM
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The main thing required to keep a server alive and popular with new and old players alike is advertising. Currently the way we advertise is by posting and bumping our ads at www.minecraftforums.net, and www.planetminecraft.com. While these have been effective and popular ways of advertising and generating new members in the past it is slowly becoming obsolete due to the, very expensive to advertising on, server listing websites.

So in order to properly promote and advertise the server we either need more ppl posting and bumping ads daily on our current ads. Or we need to come up with new fresh ways to promote and advertise that does not include the major server listing web sites.

So I am looking for a team of 3 - 5 players that want to basically be CharlieCraft PR. If you don't know what PR is, it stands for Public Relations. PR ppl would make, promote, and bump our ads as much as they could, and basically deal with the questions of the general public outside of CharlieCraft.com

There are a number of ways to promote the server, but what I am really looking for are some fresh ideas on how to better promote the server that I have not come up with already.

What I would like a PR team to do:
  • Post ads in MC community forums like minecraftforums.net and planetminecraft.com.
  • Bump these ads at least once daily, or at least once every time you play MC on CharlieCraft.
  • Encourage existing players to bump these ads to keep them at the top of the forum listings.
  • Come up with new fresh ideas on how to promote the server, and get more players on.
  • Come up with realistic changes to the server features based on what is popular on other popular servers.
  • Communicate with the existing player-base to find out what the most important issues that need to be worked out are. (What features players want the most, what current features are dumb, and any issues players commonly have that have not been worked out or fixed.)
I can reward anyone willing to help, but those who really promote the server, and generate new consistent traffic to the server will be rewarded greatly.

Thanks for reading and hope you want to help!
by ntall1 at 11:50 AM
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Well the trader plugin is basically broken. It works on a small scale like when I make a single server shop, but when you allow players to have them is when the problems start happening. Basically what is happening is to make an NPC a trader you have to assign it specific traits. Well this is not working correctly because once you assign the NPC the trader traits the Trader plugin messes up the save function of the NPC plugin. I have attempted to contact the creator of the Trader plugin but he is basically MIA or just doesn't care.

Long story short I will be looking for a new plugin that will allow us to use Trader NPC's.

If you bought an NPC and:
It is still working. Please un-stock any items it has, and sign off on this thread so I know who I need to set up new traders with when the new plugin is up and running.
It is not working. Then please just sign off on this thread so I get you a new NPC when the new plugin is up and working.
by ntall1 at 9:45 AM
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Towny Ranks Update

I have made some updates to the ranks mayors can give their town members to better handle who can do what.

Available Ranks
  • Command: /town rank add playername rankname
    • Trusted: (Only give this to ppl you really trust)
      • Can claim land for your town.
      • Can unclaim land for your town.
      • Can make edits to anywhere in the town.
      • Can set and manage plot types.
      • Can toggle town toggleables (public, mobs, fire, etc, etc.).
      • Can add players to the town.
    • Assistant: (These players can help expand and set up your town.)
      • Can claim land for your town.
      • Can add players to your town.
      • Can set and manage plot types.
    • Helper: (Can only help expand the town.)
      • Can claim land for your town.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the ranks please provide feedback in this thread.