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CharlieCraft Survival Minecraft Server.

by ntall1 at 7:13 AM
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Until the end of the month all ranks Master and above will be 50% off! Buy any rank Master and above during the Thanksgiving Sale and I will, as a gift, grant extra perks to those who wish to support us during the holiday season.

Extra Thanksgiving perks include:
  • Master:
    • Magic Carpet
    • Portable Workbench
    • Portable Enderchest
    • Compass Click Travel
    • The Back Command
    • Fying
    • Repair (non enchanted items)
  • Grandmaster
    • Magic Carpet
    • Portable Workbench
    • Portable Enderchest
    • Compass Click Travel
    • The Back Command
    • Fying
    • Repair Enchanted Items
  • God
    • Magic Carpet
    • Portable Workbench
    • Portable Enderchest
    • Compass Click Travel
    • The Back Command
    • Fying
    • Repair Enchanted Items
    • Creative Mode
  • Goddess
    • Magic Carpet
    • Portable Workbench
    • Portable Enderchest
    • Compass Click Travel
    • The Back Command
    • Fying
    • Repair Enchanted Items
    • Creative Mode
by ntall1 at 8:57 AM
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CharlieCraft is looking for Community Managers.

With summer ending, kids going back to school, all the drama caused by Mojang's new EULA, the DMCA takedown of the Bukkit server software, and Microsoft buying Minecraft we have seen an almost over night exodus of our player base here on CharlieCraft.

While it is very common at this time a year to see a drop in players due to kids going back to school, it is not common to see Minecraft implode and die due to crazy licensing issues with Bukkit, and a major sale of the company to Microsoft. With all these things happening at once we are struggling to just stay alive long enough to figure out where we are going to be in the future after all this craziness sorts itself out.

If we are going to survive until Sponge releases their 1.8 server software we are going to need some major help getting our player base high enough so we can at least keep the server funded. The more players there are the easier it is to bring in enough money to keep things not only running, but moving forward as well. To do this I am looking for a few individuals that would like to help generate new traffic to the server by helping in our advertising efforts, and also help new users get started by teaching them the server features in game.


What will a Community Manager be responsible for?
  • Advertisement - Right now, aside from a few players and moderators that are helping bump our free ad posts, there are very few community members helping to get new players to the server. Bumping our free ads help drive new players to the server every time they get bumped. Community Managers would be responsible for bumping these ads themselves a few times a week, and helping to teach other community members the importance of helping to bump these ads. Community managers would also be responsible for finding new places to advertise and communicating with me about getting an ad up in those new locations.
  • Helping new players - There are a lot of features on the server and not many ways for new players to learn how they all work. Community Managers would be responsible for helping guide new players by answering their questions in chat, helping them learn how to use basic and advanced features of the server, and even asking the less vocal new players if they need help learning how to get around the server.
  • Anti Grief reporting and repair - Currently only a few mods have the ability to rollback grief. When grief is found its not getting rolled back as often as it should be because you have to basically get a hold of the right moderator and new players have no way of knowing who these mods are. All new moderators/community managers from this point on will be required to learn how to use logblock so grief can be rolled back conveniently for the player every time. Players can always submit grief reports, but it is much better if there are just mods in game that can show up and do it without the players having to go to the website and wait for help.
  • Collecting valid user feedback - We get a lot of feedback, plugin suggestions, etc etc. Community managers should be listening in game for the most common complaints and success of the server so these can be openly discussed with me so we can work to make the server better. I used to be on the server 12 hours a day so this used to not be an issue. But I can no longer play MC for 12 hours a day so I require community managers to be my eyes and ears.
  • Forum Moderation - Community manager will be responsible for checking the grief reports and making sure they get answered and taken care of, and other general forum moderation.
  • I will add more as I think of it.
How do I qualify to be a Community Manager?
  • Be mature - Age is not as important as maturity. I am looking for mostly older players that have some idea of proper customer service, can type and spell well, and are very social. Age doesn't really matter as much as maturity. So if you are a younger player and feel you are mature enough to handle customer service related issues than please feel free to apply.
  • Can read/write - Community managers will be responsible for making new ads from time to time, and speaking with our player base every time they are in game. While 100% correct spelling and punctuation are not required I do want community managers text to not read like a two year old wrote it.
  • Not be full of shit - Most ppl that apply for stuff like this are no where near qualified, and only want it for a title and the respect they think will come with it. I do not want players like this. I am only looking for players that really want to help build our community and help other players.
  • Must be active - Community Managers must be active players. I am not looking for ppl who only log in for an hour a week. You don't need to be on 24/7 but other players do need to know who you are because you are often on the server.
  • Good understanding of the plugins used on the server - In addition to rollback commands community managers need to have a very good understanding how to use every plugin on the server. Know where to find correct commands for the plugins we use so you can no only rollback grief correctly but also educate other players on how to use commands for our plugins.
Some very specific things we need to get back on our feet. If you are interested in helping with any of these things please contact me:
  • A Premium Advertisement- We have not had enough money to get one of these in over a year. Premium ads stay up for one month and bring in a ton of traffic. These ads usually cost anywhere from $100 - $500 a month. Very expensive. I've found a site where we can get one for $100. If we can get that it would be a MASSIVE help to getting our player base back up to where it needs to be.
    • If someone wants to buy this premium ad space for us you can do that here: http://www.minepick.com/sponsored/
      • This is the single most important thing we need to get back up and running. Without this we are going to have to make insane efforts on getting our free ads bumped.
  • A Facebook page Manage- I am looking for someone to manage the Facebook page. This person would be responsible for making a few posts to the CharlieCraft Facebook page a week and also help generate likes and all that.
    • Posts to the Facebook page would include things like recent awesome builds, community projects if they exist, and other stuff like that. Someone build a cool cloth art, post it on the facebook. That kind of thing.
  • This would also be a massive help to our advertising effort. Especially if we can get more total likes on the page.
If you feel you are qualified and want to be a community manager please send me a CCraft mail and we will talk. If you want to buy us a premium ad or manage our Facebook page also contact me so we can get everything sorted out and set up.

Thanks for your support.
by ntall1 at 8:45 AM
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CharlieCraft is a Minecraft server and community. We offer a family friendly casual build server with RPG elements.

What does CharlieCraft cost to play?
  • CharlieCraft is 100% free to play, for everyone, forever. Our website will allow the purchase of cosmetic perks & upgrades, but all of these are completely optional, and players can have a complete, fulfilling gaming experience without spending a penny.
I still don't understand how it's free to play - what's the catch?
  • There is no catch at all, if you already own Minecraft you are free to play for as long as you like, with no charge.
  • While there is no cost for members to play on CharlieCraft, CharlieCraft does need donation each month to keep running. Players that have the means to donate are encouraged to do so even if they do not find value in any of the perks.
  • Recommended donation is about 5 - 15$ for a month of play. If you do not have the means to donate we fully understand, and would still love to have you playing on the server.
How can I support CharlieCraft?
  • Players can purchase Supporter Ranks from the Donation Rank page.
  • Supporter Ranks offer players the ability to change their name color, wear an item as a hat, and other cosmetic features.
  • Players can also use the donation link on the forum index if they wish to simply donate for the sake of donating.
Thanks for your support.
by ntall1 at 1:13 AM
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A lot of you guys just log into your favorite servers and start playing, and not really pay attention to what is going on with all the back end server owner/hosting, bukkit, and all that. So for those of you who don't really know whats going on right now I want to try to shed some light on why servers are not updating to 1.8.

To host an MC server that is more than basic Vanilla you need some for of server modification that allows plugins. The main one used by most ppl today is Bukkit. Server hosts have been using Bukkit for almost 4 years now so they can do all the wonderful modifications that make each server unique. Without Bukkit servers would be no more than normal vanilla MC.

So what is going on with Bukkit, and why might there not be a Bukkit for 1.8?
Bukkit has always been a community project with code submitted by a wide variety of contributes. A few days ago one of the main contributors to the Bukkit project issued a DMCA take down request saying basically that Bukkit can no longer legally use his code that he had contributed. So right now all official download sources for Bukkit have been removed, and it is no longer accessible via official distribution.

What about Spigot?
Spigot uses bukkits code as its foundation as is subject to the same DMCA takedown.

So what happens to all servers?
We still don't really know yet. There is the option to stay at 1.7, but this still requires us to use software that with no longer receive active development, including plugins.

So where do we go from here?
Minecraft modding is a massive community that is already working on the next big thing to take bukkits place. Right now some very respected devs inside the MC community are leading a new project called Sponge that will mix a Bukkit style modding API with the already existing FORGE mod. The only downside is that old Bukkit plugins will not work because of the whole copyrighted code issue.

So what about CharlieCraft?
Right now our future is very unclear.

This whole thing with Bukkit could get sorted out tomorrow, Dinnerbone might release his 1.8 update and everything might continue as it always has. This issue with Bukkit only started a few days ago, and no one is certain yet on who has the rights to do what. Mojang believes that the DMCA take down is not valid, so there is a good chance this will all just blow over. Or Bukkit could be officially dead.

If Bukkit does die, if we continue to be funded to a reasonable degree I would love to move forward with whatever the next big server mod is gonna be.

For more information on the Sponge Project please check out this link.
by ntall1 at 1:10 AM
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Whats happening on the server right now?

There are lots of changes that need to be made in preparation for the 1.8 update. One major things is becoming complaint with Mojangs new EULA, and attempting to fix a few of the not so great things about the server.

Heroes, and McMMo.
As you all know we have been running McMMo for a while. I require Heroes to implement the features that will allow me to be complaint with Mojangs new EULA and still allow current donors to keep their existing perks. I was planning on running both heroes and McMMo, but they conflict with each other and create performance issues. So we have to choose one over the other.

Heroes offers much of the same things that McMMo offers, but much more customizable. For now, I only have a basic setup, enough to allow me to test the things I need to test in order to move towards the 1.8 update.

Currently I am just testing server performance with heroes installed, and the speed at which players level up with the current exp setup. Many of the skills available from heroes I do not have enabled, and will slowly enable them as the test goes on.

Once heroes is all set up it will allow players to level up, gain skills that also gain in power as you level, increase power with weapons and items thru leveling, permissions, perks, rank upgrades and more.

The Economy.
I am not going to be making immediate changes to the economy, but expect to see changes after or just before the 1.8 update. I do not have great details on the changes I will be making, but do expect changes. The current economy does not work and needs massive changes to fix. I already have an idea I am working on, but do not want to get into detail until I have it all figured out.

I just want you to know that I am aware of the current state of the economy, and this is something we are working to change for the 1.8 update.

Here is an insider tip to prepare for the new economy. Save all your unwanted socket gems if they are slimeballs.

New Map?
Yes there will be a new map for the 1.8 update. No we are not getting rid of the old map. You will still have full access to all of your stuff.

There are going to be new ores, and generated structures so we will have a new map for the update.

Minecraft EULA changes and Donation perks.
I have lots of changes to make to be compliant with Mojangs new EULA. This includes changes to donor packages, and how perks on the server are obtained.

As of August 1st I will only be able to sell cosmetic upgrades, server wide perks, or fund the server thru pure donation for donations sake. Such is the will of Mojang. I will not have to take away perks players have already purchased, so if you see perks you want, make sure you get them before August 1st.

Please leave feedback on your Heroes leveling experience so I can fine tune it. Remember also that not all skills are available, and I will be slowly adding them as the test goes on.