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CharlieCraft Survival Minecraft Server.

by ntall1 at 10:30 AM
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Name Changes

As most of you know, Mojang has made it possible for players to change their user name. While this is great fun for any player, its not so fun for staff.

What will happen if I change my name:
  1. You will be locked out of all your chests.Chests are locked by placing your user name on them.
    • Make sure you unlock all your chests before changing your name. If you do not, you will need to contact a mod and wait for them to be able to come and unlock your chests.
  2. You will lose all your town data.
    • Towny does not support UUID's, and will not support UUID's.
    • Before changing your name, its best to make sure there is a Mod or Admin in game, so they can manually convert your resident data. If there is not an admin or mod in game, you will have to try to contact one on the website.
I am a Mod, how do I help users that have changed their name?
  1. Unlocking Chests
    • To unlock chests simply break the signs. If you can not edit on their town land, use the command /toggle townedit.
  2. Fixing a Players Resident Data
    • Use the command /townyadmin resident OLDNAME rename NEWNAME
    • This command will take all the resident data from the old username, and convert it to the new username.
    • This command has no success/error output. It will just do what its meant to. So make sure it worked before assuming it did please.
by ntall1 at 1:36 AM
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Server Update Log

Going to start an update log so ppl can see what feature changes, fixes, and additions have taken place on the server.

  • Updated the fishing quest.
    • The fishing quest now counts all fish collected, and allows you to turn in all fish types. You will have to turn in the fish you caught during the quest. If you caught 5 raw_fish, 4 raw_salmon, 1 pufferfish, and 1 clownfish, than those are the fish you will have to turn in to complete the quests.
  • Quest points have been added:
    • Quest points are a unique currency that players can only obtain by completing quests.
    • There is no use for Quest Points right now, but we will be adding a use for them in the future. You can still collect them from our current quest NPCs tho.
  • PvP Anti Fly
    • Players that are flying and start to pvp will be taken out of fly mode and not be able to reactivate it for 30 seconds.
  • Redstone once again drops redstone:
    • Evil demons allied with Space Monkeys got into the server and messed up the redstone!
    • Some players were wondering what was going on with redstone dropping glowstone dust. Redstone will now drop redstone when mined.
  • Alchemist Walos NPC moved under spawn
    • A new area has been built by bushboy1976 directly under spawn.
    • This area will contain many shop NPC's.
    • Alchemist Walos is currently the only NPC shop there. But more will come soon!
  • Souls!
    • Now when players kill other players their weapons will collect souls. You can see how many souls a weapon has by hovering over it with your mouse.
    • Currently this is just a pvp stat tracker, but eventualy will be a unique resource that players can use to buy pvp related stuff from their Nation NPC's.
  • Alchemist Walos NPC Update.
    • Walos now has much cheaper prices!
      • Elixir now cost 15 Zenni, and 32 Lapis!
      • Kick-Brew now cost 15 Zenni, and 20 Gunpowder
      • Super Juice is now 15 Zenni, and 32 Iron
      • Green Goup is now 10 Zenni, and 1 Nether Star
    • Walos now lists the effects of potions
      • Elixir gives 4 hearts extra health, and 4 hearts absorbtion
      • Kick-Brew gives speed, strength, and jump boost
      • Super Juice gives haste, fire resist, water breathing, night vision, and fills your hunger bar.
      • Green Goup gives over 5 effects, and if you want to see what they are; Try bribing Walos with some pumpkin pie!
  • Fishing daily Quest updated
    • If you previously had issues turning in your fishing quest, try again. He should be more willing to accept whatever fish you have, as long has you have fished at least 10 fish after accepting his quest.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Some performance related bug fixes.
  • XP Loss on death changes:
    • Players will no longer loose xp on death when killed by another player using a bow, or any weapon with fire aspect.
  • Towny War Changes:
    • The hit points of town blocks, and home blocks have been lowered so make things go a bit faster.
  • NPC Shops
    • Enchanter Billy rework
      • Enchanter Billy now only shows the enchantments for the item you want to enchant.
      • Enchanter Billy's Prices have also been adjusted.
        • To enchant a weapon it cost diamonds and zenni
        • To enchant a tool it cost gold and zenni
        • To enchant armor it cost iron and zenni
      • Soon he will actually talk to you too!
  • NPC Shops:
    • Enchanter Billy
      • Completely rewrote Enchanter Billy. He now contains 0 bugs...
  • Performance Updates:
    • Its no secret that the server has been having a few issues during prime time. Not only has our hosting company been ddossed a lot lately, but we had a plugin that was eating the server when lots of players did certain activities simultaneously. I tried to work with this plugin, and its developer to get some of the poorly optimized features better optimized, but it just did not work out. So after removing the features that were causing these specific performance issues, I hope to see significantly more stability during prime time.
  • NPC's
    • New NPC Clucky the Chicken.
      • Feed Clucky seeds of any kind and get some eggs! Keep making him lay eggs, and you just might get some animal spawn eggs too!
      • You can also feed Clucky diamonds. Feed Clucky 4 diamonds for a 90% chance to receive a animal spawn egg.
    • Black Jack
      • Players can now play virtual blackjack and win zenni in game. To learn how to do this type /blackjack help
      • Players will be able to place a bet each round. If you win you get 1.5x your bed. If you loose that money goes into a jackpot.
      • The jackpot can only be won on bets higher than z100. If you do bet z100 or more you become eligible to win the current jackpot. /blackjack jackpot
  • New NPC:
    • Wither Chuck the wither skull sales man.
      • Wither chuck is a wither. He sells wither skulls, but he only appears at night, and not every night either.
      • Wither Chuck has a 10% chance to spawn at night in a house at spawn. There is a global announcement when this happens.
      • If Wither Chuck does not spawn 10 nights in a row he is guaranteed to spawn on the 11th night.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the Soul counter pvp stats on weapons. It will no add pvp kills correctly.
by ntall1 at 12:59 AM
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New Host!

Please everyone thank Clamps for a speedy transfer. Using his faster than mine internet we were able to complete the transfer in just 45 minutes.

This new company claims we will be protected from DDoS attacks, and maybe the server will run a bit better. BeastNodes performance had been lacking for some time, honestly I should have switched long ago when they first started going down hill as a company.

Anyway, this server launch plus the hosting company transfer has made this months costs significantly higher than normal. Please help support us by making a donation or purchasing a rank.

Thanks to everyone who stuck around thru the hard times, and hopefully we can move forward again.
by ntall1 at 3:51 PM
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As many of you know, we have been the target of some ddos attacks lately. Why we are being targeted, who knows, but we are the target, and these ppl seem intent to make sure the server stays down.

Because of this, I will be switching hosting companies, as BeastNode is not capable of hosting our server and providing us adequate protection at the same time.

Luckily I have found a host that not only has ddos protection standard with every server, but has also assured me that we will be protected from these attacks if we switch. If the don't work out, I have a backup company as well.

I will be performing the transfer either tonight, or tomorrow night, depending on Clamps schedule. So there will be a bit of scheduled downtime, but we will try to do it very late at night when there are few players online.

So I apologize for the down time caused by the attacks, and hope you all come back after the hosting company switch. I will post again when the transfer is complete.
by ntall1 at 3:46 PM
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CharlieCraft 2015

Well, the server is pretty much ready for players to start logging in. Not all features are there yet, but enough is done to allow players to start building their towns/nations.

Server Features:
  • GUI Player Shops
    • This is a big one. This one features solves all the player shop issues we had all year long in 2014. Every player gets a GUI shop that allows them to sell their goods to other players. As long as you are offering the best prices others will easily be able to find and buy your items, even if you are offline.
  • Nation vs Nation PvP
    • PvP is now turned on in the wild, and nations can become enemy or ally.
    • When nations become enemies, wars can start. During war nation members will be able to kill other enemy nation members. At the end of the war, the winning nations will split the Towny War Chest.
    • Players do not drop their items on death, and griefing is still not allowed, even during war.
  • Very different economy setup.
    • Players on CharlieCraft 2015 will generate Zenni overtime as they are logged in. This will be the only way money enters into the economy.
    • Players can only sell goods to other players, the server will not buy items from players.
    • The only way to be richer than another player is to play more often than others, and, or become a merchant tycoon.
    • Donor perks will also be purchasable for Zenni. Large amounts of Zenni. All players will have access to all game altering perks via either in game investment or donation incentive.
  • NPC's!
    • I'm bringing back the NPC's. These will take lots of time to develop. Right now there is a simple info npc at spawn, and a fishing quest I made back on the 2013 server.
There might be more features, we are currently going thru what works, what doesn't, and potential new plugins. Currently McMMo is not planned for CharlieCraft 2015, it might show up in the future, but its not a plugin that is really balanced for PvP. We do want to bring in a skills plugin, but what is currently available is either broken or just silly.

Mythic Drops is also not planned for 2015 due to its discontinued development. We are looking for something similar, but we also need it to be balanced for pvp. If we do introduce unique weapons, it will most likely be in the form of potion effects on the weapons and armor.

CharlieCraft 2015 IP:

CharlieCraft2014 IP: